About Us
About Us

NAS Informatika Ltd. was set up on the 25th May 2006 by seceding from the New Age Software Ltd, which was established in 5 June 1992. The main purpose of this change was to separate the company’s informatics functions and activities and to be able to perform more professional services for the targeted market segments.

The newly established company – which has the same group of owners - is the successor of the other company in case of most clients and activities.
Most of our specialists are working together since 1992 with the intention to create such wide-range state of the art and highest quality IT solutions that fulfill the Client’s requirements.

Our experts have extensive knowledge in terms of various IBM machine categories; they participate in system integration projects and the development of custom-made solutions.

Our company has the capabilities and resources to develop innovative solutions to both IBM and other platforms.
Keeping track of the developments at the applied technologies is a key important issue because it is necessary to apply them in our solutions as soon as possible.
The NAS Informatika Ltd. is working in the following market segments: 

  • Banks and financial institutions
  • Governmental agencies

ISO 9001  

Since the company is strongly committed to the provision of high quality services, an ISO 9001:2001 certificate was attained, and much attention is paid to employing highly skilled workforce.


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